Friday, November 13, 2009

New Hair Cut-RCC-The Ugly Truth

Hell-ow everybody!
I'm baack!!:)

Last Sunday we (me & Alfon) had new hair cut!
Feel bit unsatisfied, but, Alfon said he like it..:D

Then yesterday, me, Mia n Risma (only me & Mia exactly) went to Rumah Cantik Citra (RCC) at Margonda. We had hand and foot spa. Very relaxing, and the impo
rtant thing is, CHEAP! haha. Only spent IDR 40,000 for both spa.

After had the spa, me & Mia picked Risma at our beloved campus. Then we decided to watch a movie at Margo city. We watched 'The Ugly Truth', it's quite entertaining..:)

lunch at 4.30 pm?

new hair cut, what do u think? too short, eh?

grocery shopping? not really.. lol

Well, see u on next update!!!


  1. cool blog :)
    I wish to see more of your DIY items, hehehe

  2. hi,mau tanya dong dear. denim jacketnya beli dimana yaa? baguss bangett. thankiees :)

  3. @tealovecoffee: thanks dear! do wait!:p

    @naidelyn: denim jaketnya oleh2 dari aussie, NOBODY JEANS..:)