Sunday, October 4, 2009

My New Favorite Places, with My Favorite DIY Dress

Hay haaayy..:)

Well, well, the title ABSOLUTELY means that I DO have new
favorite places and a new favorite dress, DIY means I sewed it by my own hand!! (plus the sewing-machine, lol)

We (refers to me and my life partner--> alfon, * i say that because we've been together for almost 7 years!!) went to TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) accidentally (*oh yes accidentally), yesterday (10/3). The word TMII just popped out when he asked me, "where shud we go now?", and surprisingly he said that he also thought about the same place. Waaaaahhh..;p

Theeeennn, it becomes my new fav place (1st), especially the bird park. Here's the pics..:))

ini lho dress nya.. hihihi (front & back)

And, my second fav place is toys cafe..:) i also have fav food there, i forgot what exactly the name is, it is a pancake, with cheese and banana inside, plus choco ice cream. yummy yuummm!! (*unfotunately i didn't take the pic of the pancake, maybe next time, and i'll post it.) oh, and yes, i looooove how the owner treats customers. He's friendly. He even helped me and alfon to play sudoku, which we're too dumb to play it. lol.
look at my dumb face. lol.

Last destination, we went t plangi. I wanted to use vouchers my mom gave at gaudi. I took almost an hour to pick which bag/outfit that I shud buy. Finally,
I chose the grey one. I paid it, and when I was walking out the store, I found a cute pink bag. Then after thinking less than a minute, I decided to buy the bag. LOL. LOL. LOL, this time with my own money coz I wanna save the voucher at least til the end of year. 2 bags on hand, got home with full of happines. but it isn't over yet, evidently, my mom just got home also from mall, and bought me a bag! DANG!!! Thanks mommy, 3 new bags in a day. ooohhh, i looooovvvveeeeee them so much!! *my dad, "if you buy 1 bag, then u shud give 1 of ur old bag to someone who need that..". then i shud give 3 bags? ok daddy, it'll be considered..:)

Thanks to alfon! Btw, for more pics, go to my FB page!!

Good nite!!

P.S: I was in a bad hair day moment, pppfffffffffffhhh..:(


  1. tes..tes tes.. komen PERTAMAX..!!

    Met tulis tulis!

  2. i wonder where toy cafe is . dimana yah ? hahah
    looks like a fun place to hang out.. and what better outfit to wear than ur checked shirt dress ? :)

    thx for visiting my blog . keep visiting :)

  3. @michelle: toys cafe ada di jalan gunawarman, kebayoran baru, jakarta selatan dear..:)
    it's a very fun place to hang out, even to have a date. lol. outfit? well, wear anything that makes u comfort dear..:)

    thanks also for visiting mine!!;p

  4. hey!
    thanks for visit my blog!
    your blog is cool too! :-D
    btw, your dress is great!
    and you are beautiful too! :-D
    exchange link, please? :-)

  5. thaaaaaaaanks a lot adriana!!;p
    i'll link yours, ok?;p

  6. ok, i will link yours too, thanks! :-D

  7. hi, great blog :) wondering how come everybody got that kind of bags :) I love it, boleh tau beli dimana? Thankkkkks.

  8. @ pratiwi: hi pratiwi! thanks yaaa..:)
    tasnya gratisan dari gogirl! hehehe. kalo gak salah bonus ulang taun gogirl keberapaa gitu..:)